Xerox MAX 200 Multifunction System


Unleash true productivity from the Xerox Max 200 Multifunction System´╗┐ with PlotWorks Pro batch print workflow software.

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About the Xerox Max 200 Multifunction System

Benefits - MAX 200 MS

Wide format digital copying, printing, and scanning system is modular, extendable, and designed to suit your requirements now and in the future Provides unmatched productivity in your centralized document production operation by reducing turnaround on every job Produces wide format monochrome prints at exceptional speed -- with the added advantage of highlight red for emphasis Offers the business advantages of highlight color without adding to consumable costs

Features - MAX 200 MS

Modular and robust printer handles up to 500,000 sq. ft. per month Prints true 400 dpi images at speeds up to 17 D-size or 10 E-size prints per minute, in black, black with highlight red, or red Scans at 200 mm/sec Exceptional high-resolution output produces high contrast images, continuous tones and shadings, and fine lines accurately -- in same size or reduced formats Automatic roll switching supports extended unattended operation for multiple size documents, with no need to trim

Key Applications - MAX 200 MS

Cost-effective, high-speed solution for high-volume print-for-pay environments Accommodates requirements in high-volume industrial CRDs for continuous shifts from hardcopy to digital files


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xerox max 200 multifunction system

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