Discover why reprographers choose OpCenter!


"OpCenter's subscription contract allowed us to pay a small monthly installment, and completely overhaul our digital workflow. We now have greater quality control and improved output. Job Center gives us both live and historical order data so we can provide better customer service!" - Ken Hildebrand, President & Owner, Commercial Digital Print, Inc.

Ken Hildebrand, President & Owner, Commercial Digital Print, Inc.

"I chose PlotWorks over ReproDesk because it is a more powerful, more productive solution. And with OpCenter's commitment to open standards, transferable licenses, multi-vendor support and superior customer service, I have the flexibility that I need today and a product roadmap that I can have confidence in. PlotWorks has a future. 

Chris Estéban, President, A. Estéban & Company, New York, NY

"We were using a couple of Océ 9800s with an older version of Repro Desk. The main reason we chose OpCenter was that we wanted to use one software application to drive multiple devices. We standardized and use PlotWorks on every device instead of different software. We're using OpCenter to drive all units through one central system."

John Davis, CEO, Alabama Graphics, Birmingham, AL

"We chose to build our production workflow on OpCenter's products because we believe OpCenter has solid technology, they are hardware vendor independent, and are innovating aggressively. Adoption of this technology is critical to us competing in today's fast moving business environment.

Cathleen Cushing Duff, President, Cushing & Color Chicago, Chicago, IL

"We replaced two Océ 9800s with one KIP 9000 and kept the two scanners. The OpCenter solution was ideal for us. PlotWorks ties it all together to streamline our workflow. We didn't see that with the other solutions we looked at."

Tom Herman, President, Digital Blue, Tinley Park, IL

"On a scale of one-to-ten OpCenter has always been a ten, providing superior service and support. From the person who answers the phone to the sales and technical staff, it is obvious that everyone is on the same page, and dedicated to supporting their customers."

Jimmy Sims, Vice President, Alabama Graphics, Birmingham, AL

"I've used PlotWorks software for years on many different devices from different vendors. We’ve tried using other software, but found that we were not maximizing the production of our machines. PlotWorks significantly enhances numerous tasks including the ability to build sets, modify sheet placements, make uniform sets and hold the sets for printing later."

Phil Guzie, Vice President, Precision Images, Portland, OR

"We chose PlotWorks for our printing environment because it's quick and responsive. It has a very clean interface and picks up all the pen weights by default. In addition, when dealing with multi-page formats, we can drag those documents into the PlotWorks interface, rotate on the fly, resize, make changes and print immediately. With other software it takes forever."

Doc Sans, IT Director, ProGraphics, Nashville, TN

"The greatest benefit to my business has been the ability to control all our output devices from one workstation. One person can click a mouse and start printing on several devices. All they have to do is change paper and go."

Chuck McCann, Owner, Springfield Blue Print, Springfield, MO

"It's all about productivity. An architect recently sent us a digital set of construction documents for a large health care facility -- about 250 sheets. Instead of sending us individual plot files, he issued one 250-sheet DWF file. We didn't have to build the job from scratch, and we didn't need to worry about sheet sequence -- this was already handled by the architect. Due to the high-speed DWF processing on our PlotWorks systems, we were printing sets within ten minutes of receiving the order."

Kip Young, Vice President, Kal-Blue, Kalamazoo, MI