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Setting up the Job Center File Library ´╗┐Better File Management - Easier to Serve Customers Customers are using Job Center's File Library to organize customer orders and reduce time spent searching through your file directory. Whether... Read more Sep 18, 2012
Exceptional Quality of Scaled Images Achieve Top Quality Scaled Images the First Time Have you ever scanned in a set of drawings to make black & white TIFF images and then when you print them to 1/2 size they're too dark? If you're... Read more Aug 16, 2012
Using the File Library to Speed Work Better File Management Many customers are using Job Center's File Library to: Organize Customer Orders: Whether customer files are uploaded to your FTP site or provided on a thumb drive, copy and... Read more Jul 19, 2012
Boost Customer Service with Job Center's Notes Field You work so hard to win new customer and retain those you have. Today, great customer service is not only expected, it's required. The moment of truth is each contact a customer has with your company... Read more Jul 9, 2012