Xerox 510 Series Print System


Unleash true productivity from the Xerox 510 Wide Format Print System with PlotWorks Pro batch print workflow software.

Even faster job preparation and print speed, find out how!

About the Xerox 510 Wide Format Print System

For workgroups producing CADand GIS documents, the Xerox 510 Wide Format Print System stand salone. It’s scalable, so you can add new capabilities when you need them. It’s customizeable, so youcan spec your own solutions. It’s precise, so it actually improves hard to-read originals. And when you see it running, you’ll see why it has the wide-format world thinking…

Think Scalable.

Start with the basic configuration and as your needs change, you can double your printing and scanning speeds, triple your paper capacityand add folding, stacking and software solutions whenever you want. Think Investment Protection.You can customize your Xerox Wide Format Print System 510 anytime, so you can choose the enhancements youwant when it’s best for your business and your budget. Why buy more, orsettle for less, than you need?

Real scalability.

You can double print and scan speeds, triple paper capacity, and add finishing solutions as your needs change
Real image quality. Patented MicroDensity™ technology assures excellent images with black solid fills and crisp, fine lines.
Real color capabilities. Accurately captures B&W or color originals; shrinks 24-bit color files to 8- or 4-bit size.

Think Image Quality.

Patented Xerox MicroDensity technology assures consistently outstanding copy quality with excellent edge-to-edge accuracy.You’ll see blacker solid fills and finer,crisper lines, with 256 grayscale levelsto optimize halftones and shading. Plus, all output is of archival quality.

Think Uptime.

The Xerox 510 Wide Format PrintSystem continuously vacuums loose toner particles to reduce contamination and improve uptime and reliability. It also provides the highest toner yield in its class.

Think Productivity.

Built to handle your demandingprint volume needs. CMOS scanning sensors self-calibrate for every print .This virtually eliminates the need for makeovers and periodic alignment service calls.


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xerox 510 series print system

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