Xerox 8850



Unleash true productivity from the Xerox 8850 with PlotWorks Pro batch print workflow software.

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About the Xerox 8850

Digital printing fast enough to meet both heavy production demands and a high volume of on-demand printing

Provides exceptional image quality to increase the readability of engineering documents in all lighting conditions

Advanced toner technology ensures darker lines and blacker, more consistent solids

Automatic switching from one roll to another minimizes trimming requirements and enables longer continuous unattended operation

Printer runs cleaner and more reliably, for longer product life

Features - Xerox 8850

Prints up to 10 D-size prints per minute

Three media rolls and cut sheet bypass

True 400 dpi resolution and 256 grayscales

Supports the full width of the media for consistent edge-to-edge contact with the photoreceptor

Fully integrated finishing with an optional Online Folder and High Capacity Stacker

Key Applications - Xerox 8850

Medium- to large-size departments

Environments with high volumes or demanding turnaround times

Ideal for challenging fine-line images that may need to be read in difficult outdoor lighting conditions

Handles even the most demanding tests of clarity - including maps, color renditions, mark-ups, and high contrast documents

Xerox 8850 Printer

Rated speed 4.5 ips
Resolution 400 x 400 dpi
Recommended average monthly volume 7315.2 m per month
Throughput Up to 10 A1-size and 5 A0-size ppm
Network Interfaces Serial RS-232, IEEE 1284 Bi-directional Centronics, 10/100 BaseT Ethernet (TCP/IP), 1394 Firewire Interface, Optional Ultra wide SCSI, Optional External Print Server


Paper handling
Paper sources 3 rolls, 152.4m; Cut sheet bypass
Media Dimensions - Minimum 210 x 297 mm (A4)
Media Dimensions - Maximum 914 mm x 24.38 m
Media Types Bond, tracing paper, film


Stacker Stacker 1000 stacks up to 1,000 mixed size prints
Output Tray 100 prints


Product Overview
The Synergix 8850 Printer offers incredible image quality for busy departments working at full speed. Printing up to 10 D size prints per minute, it represents a new benchmark in its class.

The new Synergix 8850 features MicroDensity Technology which incorporates Xerox patented developer technology, finer toner particles and a new fusing system for spectacular results. Lines are finer and crisper for high precision and halftones are superior with 256 levels of gray.
This unique technology enables the Synergix 8850 to handle even the most demanding tests of clarity – including maps, color renditions, markups, and high contrast documents.Features


  • Advanced scanning and printing technology combine to deliver
    accurate halftones and solid area fills
  • Time saving features include job recall, electronic collation and
    auto reduction and enlargement
  • Fully integrated finishing with an optional Online Folder and
    High Capacity Stacker
  • Available soon – color scan-to-net (via simple software upgrade)

Synergix 8850 Digital Solution Features

Auto port sensing, Auto data format recognition, Auto scaling, Auto rotation, Auto size detection, Auto roll select and switch, Remote printer administration, Prioritized job queuing, Remote job queue management, Electronic collation, 9 pen palettes (256 pens each), 64 pen patterns, including 15 user-definable patterns, Plot labeling with automatic naming and time/date generation, Banner pages, Page composition/plot overlay, Plot stamping with user-downloadable stamps, 10 user setups, 256 gray scales, Media mismatch management, Plot nesting.


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