Xerox 6050A Wide Format


Unleash true productivity from the Xerox 6050A with PlotWorks Professional batch print workflow software.

About Xerox 6050A

Boosts your productivity with quick print speeds, multitasking capabilities, and large media capacity

Flexible printer and multifunction configurations provide a wide range of solutions for many environments

Features -Xerox 6050A

Produces 7 or 9 D-size black-and-white prints per minute at 600 x 600 dpi

Versatile to fit your business needs – configure as a printer-only or multifunction, with either 2 or 4 print rolls, and optional scanning

True multitasking capability allows you to scan while you print

Sample Copy feature lets you preview jobs and make exposure or size adjustments before submitting the entire run

Uses automatic background suppression to improve copies made from worn originals

Optional Wide Format Scan System provides production scan-to-file capability to enable sharing and printing of color files over your network

Key Applications - Xerox 6050A

Addresses both walk-up and production copy/print needs in:

Architectural or Construction plans Architectural or Engineering renderings Schematics Electrical diagrams Mechanical 2D Solids modeling Mechanical 3D Scientific/Medical Seismic GIS/Mapping

Printing is just the beginning.

The Xerox 6050 Wide Format Solution is designed to help you keep up with the demanding pace of today’s business. The Xerox 6050 is a multifunction copier/printer that holds up to four media rolls. It produces nine D-size black-and-white prints per minute ata crisp 600 x 1,200 dpi. And because the 6050 offers concurrent processing, it scans documents (at 600 x 600 dpi) while it prints—speeding up your entire work process. With the optional Multi-Sheet Inserter, you can addother types of media or color documents toyour output.

Wide Format in a small package.

The single footprint of the 6050 with the onboard scanner measures just 55.9" (1,420 mm)x 30.7" (780 mm) so it fits easily into your office or on your shop floor. It consolidates the functions of several devices into one and quickly becomes your center for productivity. Save steps and expense. The intuitive control panel with touchscreen interface minimizes training time and makesthe 6050 simple for anyone to operate. And the Sample Copy feature allows users toreview the output and make exposure or sizeadjustments before submitting a full run—saving time, media, and their associated costs.

Scanning options take you from paper to digital with ease.

Xerox offers scanning options to fit your wideformat workplace: The 6050 Copier/Printerwith the on-board scanner delivers 600 dpi black-and-white scanning for benchmark resolution. The 6050 Printer with Scan System allows you to add color scan-to-file to your electronic workflow. These color files can be shared withother personnel and printed from networked, distributed printers. The 6050 Copier/Printer provides you with a job log, while the Printer with Scan Systemprovides you full job accounting features to track your jobs and associated costs quickly and automatically.

Create a system to meet yourunique needs.

Add any of these options to the 6050 or 6030to produce the specialized documents thatyour field demands:

• High-Capacity Stacker

• Multi-Sheet Inserter

• Xerox Wide Format Scan System which provides color scanning and production scan-to-file capabilities 6050 Wide Format Supplies. Unlock the power of digital printing by using the perfectly paired combination of Xerox digital print technology with Xerox paper andspecialty media—an unbeatable combinationfor exceptional performance. Backed by Xerox-traine dservice and customer support. Whether you’ve been a Xerox customer for years or are just learning about Xerox’s expertise in wide-format printing solutions,you can count on a team of service and support professionals to help you makethe most of your Xerox solution—day-in and day-out.


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