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About the Xerox 8855

High-volume performance plus the power of digital technology.

The Xerox 8855 Digital Copying System gives you high-speed and high-volume performance plus the flexibility you need to get your work done quickly and efficiently

The Xerox 8855 Digital Copying System provides high-volume reproduction capabilities plus a range of easy-to-use features not found on analog copiers. It also offers extraordinary flexibility because its plug-and-play modules let you transform the 8855 from a stand-alone digital copier to a networked digital printer. Now you can upgrade quickly, easily, and economically to keep pace with your growing needs.

The 8855 Digital Copying System works to your advantageYou’ll save time and money while streamlining your operation, you’ll have the latest digital technology at your fingertips, and you’ll be making a smart investment in the future.
The 8855 combines the speed of a 6.3 inches per second (ips) scanner with the power of a 6.3 ips printer to provide an easy transition from analog to digital technology. With its user-friendly control panel, even casual users will be making walk-up copies in no time.

Superior images automaticallyAccurate, detailed copies are important to your customers, and they’ll be more than pleased with the output of the 8855 Digital Copying System. It automatically fine-tunes exposure settings to provide outstanding quality. And it makes it easy to copy even difficult originals, like old bluelines or dark sepias.

Whatever you’re copying—from architectural drawings to engineering designs to survey maps—you’ll get sharp, clean, single-pixel lines and deep, consistent solids every time. Its 400 dpi resolution means you won’t lose vital information.

Three tonal settings are available, including one for fine-line work plus two photo modes for halftone photos and difficult-to-copy combinations of text, line drawings, and graphics. With the 8855 Digital Copying System, you can rest assured that your output will be accurate.

Digital productivity advantagesXerox delivers on the promise of the digital revolution. Memory embedded in the scanner means that you scan a set of originals just once to produce multiple copies of up to 99 sets. Manual re-feeding—as required on diazo and analog units—is unnecessary. An added benefit is that the system’s mirror imaging capability easily handles reverse-reading diazo copies.

And when it comes to speed, the Xerox 8855 consistently outperforms the fastest analog copiers. It accepts hard-copy originals at a rate of 6.3 ips and delivers 7 E-size or 13 D-size copies per minute—up to 36 inches wide—from its four-roll paper supply. As a result, you’ll minimize turnaround and deliver bid sets faster than ever before.

The 8855 measures documents as they are scanned and automatically cuts media to match either the input document or the operator-specified size. It selects its paper supply in the proper sizes—even switches rolls as necessary—until the job is completed or the paper supply exhausted, avoiding job interruptions and maximizing uptime.

Fast and easy R/ETraditionally, you may have used one device to reduce or enlarge an original and another, faster device to make copies. Obviously, this is a workaround—a costly, time-consuming operation. Now, with the digital technology and high speed of the 8855, it’s no longer necessary. You can reduce or enlarge an original and quickly make as many copies as you need—all in one step.

The 8855 Digital Copying System offers reduction and enlargement from 25% to 400% in .1% increments, with seven presets plus six additional operator-programmable customized settings. With its Auto-zoom feature, when you select the desired output size, the system automatically reduces or enlarges the documents in a set to fit that size.

You can scan originals in metric or non-standard sizes and output standard-size sets automatically. The combination of easy, one-step reduction or enlargement plus the 8855’s fast output results in tremendous savings in time and operator effort.

Powerful finishing capabilities reduce labor costsThe 8855’s electronic collation helps you keep jobs moving and gives you added flexibility to produce finished jobs—quickly and efficiently.

And you have a choice of finishing options to boost your productivity. An optional folder that accommodates the speed of the printer gives you accurately folded documents. The high-capacity stacker holds up to 500 E-size prints and saves time by eliminating frequent unloading.

Protect your investment by upgrading to add digital printingThe 8855 Digital Copying System gives you high speed and high volume reproduction capabilities plus extraordinary copy quality. And when your needs change, it makes your transition to a networked printing solution cost-effective.
This enables networked printing, as well as scan-to-print and scan-to-file capabilities.

Because it makes wide-format digital printing a one-step process, you’ll achieve higher productivity. Printing directly from digital files, you’ll no longer have to create a hard-copy master before printing multiple copies. So you’ll get first-generation quality from first print to last.

Whether you need a fast, flexible local copier, or a full-featured, enterprise-wide, networked printing solution, the Xerox 8855 Digital Copying System is ready to meet all of your requirements, today and tomorrow

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