Job Center Simplifies Work Orders

Simplify work orders and eliminate the guesswork and inefficiencies from production management.

Job Center is used to simplify the process for all print and digital work orders. That includes color, monochrome, large & small format – not just PlotWorks jobs. Some are even using Job Center for tracking maintenance tickets for their FM fleet.

Real time visibility into production

Job Center improves operational efficiency while improving transparency of work and real time visibility into production. Job Center is very easy to use and fits into your existing workflow. 

Here’s how RSA members, Gordy Hulbert of Cascade A&E and Kelli Tinsley of Alabama Graphics talk about Job Center:

Cascade A&E

"Job Center gives us great visibility of jobs in production. Every order that comes in gets entered into Job Center and at the end of the day it’s matched up with billing so we know nothing walks out the door for free."

What’s next for Cascade A&E and Job Center? “We’re going to start using Job Center for a dispatch board and track all of our service requests.”

Job Center simplifies work orders for Kelli Tinsley of Alabama Graphics

"Everyone in our company is using Job Center and it's making life easier on a daily basis. We're saving 8 hours per week by reducing key strokes, eliminating human error, and capturing data digitally. Our Customer Service reps can easily search Job Center to provide customers with timely answers and the executive team has immediate visibility into all production. The time saved is a key factor, but the ability to serve our clients in a more professional and timely manner has increased beyond measure."

Unified view of all production

With Job Center's centralized job board formatted for a large flat panel display or web browser, everyone in your organization has immediate visibility into work in process.

Job Board

Productivity gains across the organization

Job Center delivers productivity gains starting with how work orders are entered and tracked. By storing customer job order information digitally, and reducing key strokes and the associated probability of human error, Job Center has noticeable and immediate impact.

Because Job Center captures customer work order information in a single place, your staff, regardless of department, has access to up-to-the-minute information on a customer's job. Customers will appreciate your staff's ability to quickly search all orders and projects for the latest status. Learn more about Job Center's benefits.

Is Job Center right for you?

Job Center is available as a stand-alone product and is provided free for PlotWorks Pro customers on a maintenance contract. It's not just for AEC plan printing. Learn more about Job Center and how it can simplify your work orders.

Better yet - try it out for FREE. 

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