Savin en7140WD


Unleash true productivity from the SAVIN en7140WD with PlotWorks Professional batch print workflow software.

High volume, color scanning, fast output.Everything you need for maximum productivity.

The SAVIN en7140WD is designed for fast output asyou capture, share and save all of your customer’s documents. These units are perfect for converting hard copy documents into an electronicworkflow with the built-in color scanner and a host of Scan-to functionality.The Savin en7140WD Wide Format Digital Imaging Systemsare truly high productivity tools that can help you work smarter, collaborateeasier and share faster within your fast-paced production environment. 
Built-In ProductivityAdd up the fast output speed, user simplicity andsmart engineering of the Savin en7140WD Wide Format Digital Imaging Systems, and you get systems that will be the workhorsein your reprographic area for years to come.

• Jump-start your workflow productivity with outputspeeds up to 10 or 14 documents per minute.

• Share the productivity from day one, thanks to theredesigned, super-wide color LCD operation panel.

• Reduce paper and toner usage by previewingdocument thumbnails before printing or scanning.

• Simplify and enlarge displays with the touch of abutton for easier walkup use.

• Change paper and toner in a snap—clear jams,too—through the easy-to-use front-loadingdrawers and clamshell engineering.

Streamline Your WorkflowWhether you use the Savin en7140WD Wide Format Digital ImagingSystems with a dedicated professionaloperator, have walkup users or workfrom a remote PC, you can configureexactly the system you need to optimizeyour unique workflow.

• Eliminate tedious document updating bycapturing as-builts, handwritten, on-sitechanges and color markups, and thenintegrating them with satellite imagery,photographs and maps to create completebid sets.• Create and distribute documents with acomprehensive selection of Scan-to options.

• Scan project documents directly into anelectronic plan room for easy viewing byother architects, engineers or contractors.

• Simplify document access by temporarilystoring documents on the 320 GB (160 x 2)“Document Server” and view them onthe control panel or your PC for reprinting,as needed.

• Take your documents anywhere with theScan-to-USB/SD card option and sharethem on the fly.