Savin 3406WD


Unleash true productivity from the Savin 3406WD with PlotWorks Professional batch print workflow software.

The Savin 3406WD Wide Format Digital Imaging System is a 6 page-per-minute device designed to work the way you work: helping you share information, make changes and move your projects to completion with ease. Need to make changes on the fly? No problem. Just scan in your marked-up copies with the built-in color scanner and distribute them instantly to everyone who needs to know. Need to distribute copies to contractors or clients in the field? Easy. Just scan to a USB device and your documents are as mobile as you are. The Savin 3406WD: a workflow device for the way your world works.


Reduce space requirements with the built-in color scanner. · Scan documents of all sizes and types: architectural drawings, sepias, blueprints, detailed maps, folded or wrinkled documents, oversized drawings, photos or posters. · Improve project workflow by scanning directly to e-mail, SMB, folder, FTP, URL, NCP and document server.


Provide a secure environment from which information can be shared across a network or the Internet through a standard browser interface. · Preserve business paper documents electronically in an organized file system, eliminating filing space. · Automate paper-based processes, like Scan-to-File, Scan-to-Email and Scan-to-Archive. · Secure scanning to protect confidential data and meet security policies. · Reduce costs associated with overnight delivery, storage and document handling costs. · Capture metadata based on clients and jobs for later retrieval.


Cut costs and improve communications with powerful Scan-to features:– Scan-to-Email allows you to eliminate delivery costs by e-mailing documentsdirectly to anyone, anywhere.– Scan-to-Folder allows you to convert your paper documents to electronic files,saving space and cutting distribution time.– Scan-to-URL or Scan-to-NCP (Novell) allows you to send a URL e-mail or NCPlink for document access rather than an entire file, so authorized users can retrieve documents 24/7.– Scan-to-FTP bypasses your mail server, allowing you to send large files quickly.· Manage system functions—check toner and paper levels, change print queues, merge jobs, receive e-mail alerts—right from your desktop with the WebImageMonitor utility. · Reduce paper and toner waste by previewing document thumbnails before printing or scanning. · Simplify and enlarge displays with the touch of a button for easy walk-up use.