Ricoh MP W7140


Unleash true productivity from the Aficio MP W7140 with PlotWorks Pro batch print workflow software.

Even faster job preparation and print speed, find out how!


About the Aficio MP W7140

You know what you want from a wide-format printer. It must process your workflow fast andat an attractive cost. The Aficio MP W7140 does more. It attains excellent quality when printingand scanning, and boasts a colour scanner as standard. The design combines space-savingmeasures with the reliability and durability essential to you.

Maximum uptime and business continuity are guaranteed.

Excellent productivity: 7 A0 and 14 A1 ppm

Uniquely compact design with a single footprint.

Monochrome printing at 600 dpi and standard colour scanning.

Flexible workflow solutions.

Copy, print and scan documents up to 30 meters long .

Attractive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Ricoh:wide-format pioneer

In the 1980s, Ricoh was the first company to market a digital and plain-paperwide-format device. Since then, we have developed an impressive range of wideformat products. We are proud to offer you the MP W7140 as the latest fruits of our constant innovation.

Upgrading & customising

The MP W7140 is versatile and adaptable to your needs. Add two 250-sheet papercassettes or an extra two-roll feeder to increase its paper capacity. Ricoh’s embeddedcontroller supports all the MP W7140’s functionalities.

A smaller-scale alternative

You want to enjoy the compactness and many functions of the MP W7140, but forsmaller volumes? Ricoh proposes the AficioMP W5100 as an attractive alternative.

Copying/printing/scanning at 5 A0 and 10 A1 sheets per minute.

Standard colour scanner and colour LCD display.

Cost-efficient internal controller.

Large paper capacity.

Easy operation.We think green. Do you?Like all Ricoh products, the Aficio™MP W5100/MP W7140 reflect our commitment to the environment. Their ozone, noise and heat emission levels are minimal and theirfootprint is small. Compact and quiet, these wide-format solutions can be placed inyour drawing office or any other working area.

Top class productivity

The new MP W7140 copies and prints your documentsat a high pace.

Seven A0, fourteen A1 sheets per minute.

Documents of up to 30 meters can be scanned,printed or copied.

Warm-up time: less than two minutes.

First output speed (A1): less than 9 seconds.Broad paper handlingPaper formats between 182 x 210 mm and 914 x 30,000mmpose no challenge to the MP W7140. With two standardroll feeders, refills are far between. Do you require evenmore paper capacity? Opt for an extra two roll feedersor 2 x 250-sheet paper cassette. Equipped with four rolls,the MP W7140 will hold all paper sizes you need at once.Your benefit: no need to change rolls for a job on a differentsize of paper.

Your reliable partner

Reliable equipment is the first requirement for businessefficiency. Robustness and long durability are the MPW7140’s trademarks. The device is continually productivethanks to its impressive paper capacity and easytroubleshooting

Effortless job management

Increase your print efficiency. Browse folders and checkthe contents of files on the display. Management tasks likechanging the queue, holding and deleting jobs also happenvia the touch panel. Web Image Monitor carries out similarfunctions from your desktop computer. Its interface hasbeen designed for optimum usability.

Excellent image quality

Ricoh’s top technology and a print resolution of 600 dpiguarantee impeccable image quality. The MP W7140 reproduces the finest lines without fail.

Sophisticate your digitalwide-format workflow

Digitising your drawings has many advantages. It saves legacy documentsfor the future. It streamlines your workflowand speeds up the job turnaround. Capture, store and distribute documents efficientlywith the AficioMP W7140.

Standard colour scanning

All your drawings, whether colour or B/W, can be scanned, revised and storedusing the AficioMP W7140’s state-of-the-art scanner. Digitise colour documentswithout extra cost. Scanning to e-mail or to URL in one click saves precious timeand minimises network traffic.* Editing, too, can be done without losing time.*Requires 1 GB extra memory (optional).

Safe and secure

When circulating digital data, it is vital to keep them from prying eyes.The AficioMP W7140 lives up to the latest security standards.

S/MIME protects your e-mailed data.

Information on the machines’ hard drive can be encrypted.

User authentication by password averts unauthorised use of your device.

The Data Overwrite Security system prevents access to or reconstructionof confidential information.

Simple solutionsto complex demands

Ricoh’s engineers know how preciousyour time is. That is why they havedone their best to save you hassle.

The  Aficio MP W7140 provesthat sophistication can be user-friendly.Its many advanced features are easyto access; complex print jobs suddenlybecome simple.

Smooth operation

Operating the MP W7140 is straightforward with the wide colour LCD touch screen.This panel has a simplified screen function as an extra convenience when you needbasic commands only. Operators do not need extensive training to work with theMP W7140. Printing and scanning can be done at the same time. The removable scanner option separates printer and scan unit, allowing several people to performtasks at the machine simultaneously.*MP W7140 only.

Continuous running

Daily tasks have never been easier. With Ricoh’s unique roll holders, anyone canchange (heavy) paper rolls quickly and easily. They are always centred withouthassle. The paper trays have a unique flexibility for paper width and adapt to the rollformat. They accept each roll size, from 210 to 914 mm in width. In case of a jam,the display shows instructions for paper removal. The MP W7140 is always up andrunning.