Oce ColorWave 600


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About the Oce ColorWave 600

Every detail of the Oce ColorWave 600 has been designed to improve your business. Whether you need accurate fine details to meet client requirements, world-class speed to meet tight deadlines,or effortless ease of use to minimize user interaction, the Oce ColorWave 600 delivers. 
Oce CrystalPoint quality

The Oce ColorWave 600 delivers unique Oce CrystalPoint quality giving you sharp lines, high readability of fine details, and smooth, even area fills with consistent results over time.

The Oce ColorWave 600 uses Oce Toner Pearls and Oce CrystalPoint technology to deliver robust color prints on plain paper. Toner crystallization ensures strong adhesion to any media. No toner feathering provides unmatched accuracy. And the system’s durable imaging devices ensure output quality is always the same over time.The unique silk-shine look and feel, coupled with plain paper printing, gives you excellent prints that are both impressive and economical.

All-around productivity

An all-around productive system, the Oce ColorWave 600 ensures you meet tight deadlines. When printing you can rely on a world-class speed that can produce up to 1575 square feet per hour of output. A superfast and embedded Oce Power M controller ensures process times are not a bottleneck.

And Oce CrystalPoint technology deliversdry prints, so there are no drying times and prints can behandled, stacked or folded immediately. The Oce ColorWave 600 sets new standards for unattended productivity. The 42-inch-wide printer holds up to sixmedia rolls, each holding up to 650 feet of plain paper. This unprecedented media capacity reduces media loading and saves time. What’s more, prints can be output in the correct size sothere’s no need for trimming prints.The printer holds four 500 gram cartridges (C, M, Y, K)of Oce TonerPearls which allows for long print runs. And the cartridges are see-through so you can see at a glancethat you are using every single Oce TonerPearl. The standardTop Delivery Tray holds up to 100 prints, supporting yourunattended printing needs and keeping prints in theright order.

Effortless operationBuilt for ease of use, the Oce ColorWave 600 needs little userinteraction or involvement to produce high quality printsproductively. The new and unique Oce Print Assistant (OPA) chooses theright print mode for you that delivers the best quality at theoptimal speed for every file. There is no need to view thecontent of the file to determine the optimal print mode: OPA does that for you. Toner handling has never been easier: justclick the Oce TonerPearl cartridges in place. And changingmedia is child’s play. The Oce TonerPearl feeding station uses the simple laws of gravity to feed the system, making this process highly reliable. Durable imaging devices means no calibrations duringoperation and no need to monitor the imaging devices orreplace them. A truly reliable workhorse, the all ball-bearing design is built to do mile upon mile without breaking down.

By integrating workflow functionality in the printer operator panel, you can now manage your jobs at the printer. Create print jobs, change settings and print again without ever having to return to your workstation. Advanced queue management allows you to monitor and control progress of printing jobs, setting priorities with one touch of a button. And Remote Mailbox management enables you to organize your jobs remotely, use multiple mailboxes to order your jobs or share amailbox to group your jobs.

Sustainability assured

The Oce ColorWave 600 ensures a healthy work atmosphere every day. The unique Oce TonerPearls make a totally clean system: there’s no fine dust, no odor and minimal waste disposal. As a result, there’s no negative impact on the working environment. The toner waste is gathered in the Maintenance Tray, which is also the packaging of the Oce TonerPearl cartridges. This not only makes it easy to handle, but alsominimizes the waste disposal. And as the toner waste iscompletely non-toxic and solid, it can be disposed of as partof regular office waste.

Durable Imaging Devices save a considerable amount of wasteas you do not have to replace them. The media independent technology enables you to make high-quality prints even onrecycled paper. And as there is no coated media needed, thissaves enormously on environmental impact of paper coatings.The multi-roll system means no need for clean cutting, thus little media waste. And ergonomic roll loaders allow you to easily handle 650-foot plain paper media rolls.

Oce CrystalPoint technologyAt the heart of the Oce ColorWave 600 is the Oce CrystalPoint technology,a patented toner technology. Designed to produce accurate, robust, reliable,and impressive results, it combines all the benefits of toner with the advantages of inkjet technology to give you the best of both worlds in an entirely sustainable Solid In Solid Out (SISO) process.

Solid In—Oce TonerPearls Solid, spherical TonerPearls put the color into theOce ColorWave 600. As they are solid, there is no risk of system or air pollution. You can easily and quickly handle the Oce TonerPearls with no risk of residue on your hands or in theair. Transport of the Oce TonerPearls inside the system uses the simple laws of gravity, and as the Oce TonerPearls roll directly into the Imaging Devices the feeding process is fail-proof.What’s more, the 500 gram see-through cartridges allow you toimmediately see when a cartridge needs to be replaced, withouthaving to check the user interface.TonerGel Jetting Once inside the system, the Oce TonerPearls are “gellified”into a toner gel. The eight Imaging Devices, two per color,move across the media in swaths at high speeds jetting thetoner gel onto the media. Thanks to the gel-state of the toner,the droplets stay compact even when jetted on to a highly hydrophylic media. As a result, a crisp print quality is realized,without feathering on the media. Together with highly accuratepositioning, this gives a distinct advantage over other colortechnologies.

Solid Out—Toner Crystallization

The patented formula of the Oce TonerPearls includes acrystallization agent, which controls the time that the toner remains in gel form after jetting onto the media. The toner crystallizes once it has adhered itself to the media resulting instrong adhesion with an even semi-gloss finish, creating robustprints suitable for heavy duty usage.The toner required to maintain the Imaging Devices isautomatically and safely returned to the Maintenance Tray insolid form, protecting your work environment. This makes waste handling odorless, dust-free, and clean. Based on Oce CrystalPoint technology, the Oce ColorWave 600 will allow you to ride the wave of color to better business.