KIP C7800


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About the KIP C7800

As a high-speed, high-quality colour and b/wproduction print system with speeds of upto 390 sqm/hour in black and white and 325sqm/hour in colour, the KIP C7800 is the perfect solution for wide format applications that demand the highest levels of quality, speedand cost-efficiency. Ideal for a comprehensive range of technical and production needs, the KIP C7800 improves any output and speeds up users’ workflows – providing powerful print control capabilities and versatile production advantages, scan and copy functionality and fully integrated stacking and folding.

With all these advantages, the KIP C7800 saves serious time and money – making high-quality wide-format printing more cost effective than ever before.

■ Enhanced cost efficiency

■ Employees benefit from enhanced efficiency: Only one system for all applications

■ Fewer replacement parts need to be stored

■ Attractive click price: Separate counter for b/w only mode

■ Less space required: A single system for colourand b/w printing and automatic folding – easily upgraded with KIP 2300 scanner for integrated scanning and copying

■ Increased profits

■ Highly productive thanks to very fast printing at 5 sqm/minute – at this speed and productivity, manual folding of e.g. CAD plans is impossible;however, the increased print volume offsets thecost for the folding unit in next to no time.

■ Instantly dry prints from dry toner colour LED technology avoid waiting times for folding orother finishing, making time for more print jobs,helping to generate extra business

■ A single printer for indoor and outdoor applications:Extensive media versatility and dry toner system increase choice of print products forcustomers

Output is faster, operation simpler, and finishingfully automatic. The KIP C7800’s impressive reliabilitykeeps production up and running, helpingprint providers to meet tight deadlines – and the superior image quality will keep customers comingback for more. Four advanced LED imaging heads provide outstanding 600 x 2400 dpi resolution, directing toner application during the printprocess to achieve razor-sharp detail. As technical and graphics applications converge,the needs for high-quality wide-format printinghave become increasingly diversified to include3D colour renderings, graphic inlays, exploded view schematics, technical diagrams, architectural plans, manufacturing drawings and maps of all kinds. Consequently, professionals such as manufacturers, industrial design firms, engineering contractors, builders, architects and government agencies place greater demands on modern digital printing systems. The KIP C7800 is the perfect printer to put all these ideas and details on paper –cost-effectively and fully on-demand.

Innovative KIP technology for enhanced productivity

The KIP C7800 features proven colour LED technology that has been developed and maintained by KIP over many years, now results in innovative new technologies. Experience from previous product generations has added to KIP’s expertise. This makes the KIP C7800 a robust wide format printing solution that promises ease of use, excellent reliability and enhanced productivity.

■ High-speed printing in black & white

The KIP C7800 produces b/w prints at a blazing output speed of up to 390 square metres per hour, making it competitive with print production capabilities of dedicated b/w LED print systems. In b/w-only mode, print media completely bypasses all colour imaging units. This process increases system efficiency and lowers the overall operation cost.

■ Impressively fast colour printing

With a colour production speed of up to 325 square metres per hour, the KIP C7800 is the most productive wide-format LED colour print system on the market. The KIP C7800 addresses the demanding needs of high-speedprint runs to meet tight delivery schedules and yet answers highest quality expectations.

■ High toner capacity

Each CMYK cartridge contains 1,000 gms oftoner, for a total capacity of 4,000 gms — allowing longer uninterrupted colour and b/w printruns for higher productivity.

■ Fast and flexible media processing

Three integrated, auto-loading media roll drawer seach handle roll widths from 297 mm to 914mm and provide ultra-fast switching between rolls for collated sets of varying sizes or media types, avoiding any delays between prints. An integrated automatic cut-sheet feeder ensures enhanced versatility for the handling of specialmedia.

■ Touch screen control

The KIP C7800 combines power, speed andcontrol — with a large colour touch screen that facilitates previewing documents in full colour beforeprinting. All major system functions are available atthe user’s fingertips from a single interface.

■ Automatic image calibration

For precise imaging with bold, expressive colour, anexclusive single-belt drive system performs automaticmedia calibrations — a real advantage whenchanging media types or suppliers.

■ Media load assist

An ergonomic spindle system simplifies the processof loading paper rolls. The total media capacity is480 square metres – and the KIP C7800 automaticallyadvances the media without user assistance.

■ Easy trimming

Once the media is loaded, a conveniently located button on each media deck provides quick, automatic roll trimming for accurate and reliable performance in continuous operation.

■ Durable prints for indoor & outdoor use

The KIP toner technology guarantees that prints are lightfast and waterproof, i.e. they will not fadeor exhibit colour deterioration from exposure to lightover extended periods. The CMYK dry toner system produces documents suitable for outdoor application seven in inclement weather, e.g. for plans and maps on display outside.

Impressive flexibility for new wide format possibilities

To suit any wide format document environment, the KIP C7800 system can be configured in a variety of workflow possibilities.The KIP C7800 integrated folding and finishing system automates wide format document production by combining folding, stacking and collation in a single compactunit. Prints produced on the KIP systemare folded and stacked at maximum speed, allowing easy document filing and distribution with minimum effort. Copying, scanning and the professional KIPColor Pro software highlight maximum productivity of KIP C7800. And the bi-directional communication with the KIP C7800 system enables scheduling of unattended print runswith complete peace of mind.


kip c7800 kip fold


■ Stacking and folding The KIP C7800 improves the efficiency and productivity of customers’ production environments with integrated stacking systems that add convenience to the stacking of multiple prints. A manual stacker for max. 100 sheets is standard; alternatively, an optional auto stacker for up to 500 sheets can be equipped.