KIP 9900


Unleash true productivity from the KIP 9900 with PlotWorks Pro batch print workflow software.

Even faster job preparation and print speed, find out how!

KIP 9900 series system

The kip 9900 systems set a new standard for top quality high demand printing of technical documents. The system delivers nonstop production levels with razor sharp line detail, superior half tones and smooth gradients while decreasing operational and ownership costs. New kip 9900 wide format systems have been painstakingly engineered to deliver Breakthrough quality and performance while providing real value from extremely high quality output, reliable performance and efficient operation.

KIP 9900 Network Printing Systems

KIP 9900 Series productivity is rated at 7,920 square feet or1,320 “D” size prints per hour. Four quick change high production decks and integrated bypass sheet feeder, feature a media capacity of over 6,000 square feet for non stop printing.  KIP 9900 network print systems employ highly advanced imaging technologies to deliver outstanding fine line detail, superiorhalf tones and smooth gradients. The KIP 9900 Print Systems address demanding print runs and compressed delivery timeswith the highest quality expectations in virtually any digital imaging environment.

Space Saving KIP 9900 Multifunction Systems

KIP 9900 Print copy and scan systems accurately reproduce technical documents at astonishing speed in true 600 dpio ptical resolution. The KIP 9900 configured with the KIP600A scanner delivers maximum digital imaging quality and performance while reducing the total system footprint. The system automatically senses the original document width and dynamically adjusts exposure settings during the scanning process for maximum quality.

Documents containing lines, text, renderings, grayscales and aerial photos are easily scanned in to a variety of formats including single and multi-page PDF and DWF files.

KIP 9900 Mono/Color Production Systems

KIP 9900 production systems with KIP 2300 scanner provide modular, high demand mono & color solutions for the most discerning reproduction centers. Due to a highly advanced design, KIP 9900 productionsystems reproduce complex graphics and photos as accuratelyand effortlessly as simple line drawings.

KIP 9900 production systems set a consistently high standard for speed, quality and flexibility in a digital image capture system. A durable design combined with top quality construction materials ensure long term reliability with consistent copy and scan quality in the most demanding mono & color imaging production environments.