KIP 9000


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About the KIP 9000

The KIP 9000 is meticulously engineered to set the new standard for high demand print production. Designed to deliver breakthrough quality and performance.

FasterFrom the first print, the exceptional performance of the KIP 9000 represents a new category of wideformat print production. It opens new business opportunities for high demand printing and imaging organizations by delivering cost-effective operation,great flexibility and an unmistakable edge overcompetitors. Built to set a new benchmark in high production environments, the KIP 9000 produces 22 ‘D’ sizeprints per minute – making it over 15% faster thanany other system in its class.


Based on proven high demand technology, the KIP 9000 delivers photo-like, 600 dpi image quality at maximum production speed. 600 dpi resolution provides breakthrough, high definition output onto a range of media choices for maximum versatility regardless of application. Monochrome images are realistically rendered with accurate grayscale information and fine line capabilities to satisfy the most exacting quality standards. Color documents are easily scanned intodigital files or high fidelity copies when the system is connected to any wide format inkjet printer.

Incredibly Powerful

KIP 9000 systems are engineered for production class operation and reliability. A unique, state-of-the-art printunit maintains system productivity while ensuring maximum uptime to make every minute count. Advanced self diagnostic systems eliminate potential print delays by providing designated operators with system status alerts via Email or text messaging ifpaper or toner replenishment is needed. To boost production capacity, KIP 9000 systems areintegrated with a range of online print stacking andfolding devices and may be feature upgraded at anytime as production needs increase.


• 22 ‘D’ size prints per minute

• Ultra-fast fi le processing and conversion times

• Network and web-based printing software withintegrated image viewing

• AutoCAD ® and Microsoft ® Certified application driversQuality:

• 600 x 600 dpi print, copy & scan resolution

• Advanced grayscale and fine line image enhancement

• Utilizes patented KIP High Defi nition Print Technology

• 24-bit scanners for monochrome and color


• Easy to understand touch screen user interfaceprovides all system functions

• Compatible with all networks and design applications

• Modular design provides fl exibility to tailor systemcapabilities to meet production requirements

• Expand system capabilities instantly with softwarekey codes


KIP High Defi ition Print Technology

KIP High Definition Print Technology (HDP) takes advantage of reduced dot sizes to produce the highest quality monochrome images. In addition, automated cleaning systems and extended maintenance intervals result in increased productivity.

KIP 9000 Printing Process: Four online media rolls, robust high speed cutting systems, patented HDP technology and ahigh demand oil-free fusing unit combine to deliver crisp fine line details, solid blacks and consistent grayscale areas.

KIP HDP Features:

• High Definition Line Quality

• Distinctive Grayscales & Solid Areas

• 100% Toner Effi ciency• Expanded Duty Cycle

KIP 9000 Print Unit

Achieve a new level of precision print productionbased on High Definition Print Technology (HDP)found in the new KIP 9000. HDP is an innovativeapproach to wide format printing that has quiteliterally redefi ned the standard for productionprint quality.

A unique print head design featuring individual calibration of all LED pixels provides smooth and consistent fine lines, half tones and graphic imagequality. An oil-free fusing process and 100% effi cient KIP toner technology operate cleanly without carriers, developers or waste. In addition, its integrated four media roll capacity with high speed cutting systems ensure exceptionally accurate sheet sizes to give finished print sets a highlyprofessional look.

The KIP 9000 print unit provides the ability to reproduce the full spectrum oftechnical, engineering and architectural documents with complete accuracy and confidence at a print speed of 47 feet per minute. Leverage the power of the KIP 9000 to meet the ever increasing demand for fast, high qualityand cost effective wide format document reproduction.

KIP 9000 Printing

Key Features:

• 22 ‘D’ size prints perminute

• Ultra-fast fi le processingand conversion times

• Network and webbased printing software with integrated imageviewing

• AutoCAD ® andMicrosoft ® Certifi edapplication drivers

• 600 x 600 dpi printresolution

• Advanced grayscaleand fi ne line imageenhancement

• Utilizes patented KIP High Definition PrintTechnology

Monochrome Copying and Scanning

The KIP 9000 accurately reproduces technical documents at astonishing speed in true 600 dpi optical resolution. A rangeof flexible KIP scanners deliver maximum digital imaging quality and performancewhile reducing the total system footprint.The system automatically senses the originaldocument width and dynamically adjusts exposure settings during thescanning process for maximum quality.Documents containing lines, text, grayscales, renderings and aerialphotographs are easily scanned into a variety of formats includingsingle or multi-page PDF and DWF fi les. Once scanning is complete,the images are automatically delivered to the operator’s choice ofdestination; network location, FTP site or personal / project inbox.

Color Copying and Scanning

Easy, color calibrated integration with inkjet printers providesmodular and high performing copying solutions for the mostdiscerning color copy centers. High speed, high resolution colorimaging technology provides the capability to scan full colortechnical documents, maps, posters and photos into a variety offi le formats for Email, archive and print purposes.A full suite of production printing, copying and scanningapplications expertly perform all color imaging applications.Create prints and copies in color to multiple inkjet printers,ensuring speed, fl exibility and accurate production of colormatched copies. Professional grade KIP software also deliverscolor management features and powerful image editing toolsthat perform diffi cult tasks easily and with consistent resultsfrom one job to the next.

Copying & ScanningKey Features:

• Monochrome technicaldocument system

• Full color graphics,photos and renderings

• Advanced opticalsystems deliver pixelperfectimages

• Create copy sets fromunlimited number oforiginals

• Direct color copies toa wide range of inkjetprinters

• Closed-loop colorcalibration systemensures copy accuracy

• Preset quality selectionsfor line, line/photo, andphoto original types