HP PageWide XL 8000


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HP PageWide Technology

The HP PageWide XL 8000 Printer includes a stationary 40-inch (101.6-cm) printbar that spans the whole printing width. As paper moves under the printbar, the entire page is printed in one pass, enabling very high printing speeds.

HP PageWide XL pigment ink for HP PageWide XL printers

HP PageWide XL pigment ink is specially designed to provide reliable and dependable operation with HP PageWide XL printers and produce high-quality output:

• Dark blacks and vivid colors on a range of media including uncoated bond papers

• Moisture- and fade-resistant prints

Reliable operation for high-volume printing

Designed for high-volume operation, the HP PageWide XL 8000 Printer is based on proven HP PageWide Technology, currently powering HP Inkjet Web Presses—producing 4 billion impressions monthly—and HP X series business printers. HP 841 PageWide XL Printheads provide reliable and long-life operation, with an average life per printhead of 32 liters.



Meet the tightest deadlines

• Print up to 30 D/A1 pages/minute—the fastest print speed in the market, even versus LED1

• Deliver mixed monochrome and color sets in 50% of the time with a consolidated workflow

• Free up the operator—production stacker/online folder, 3 up to 6 rolls, dual ink supplies withauto-switch


Fast color, excellent document quality

• Generate new business growth—print GIS map and point-of-sale (POS) poster applications at breakthrough speeds

• Set a new technical document standard with crisp lines, fine detail, and smooth grayscales that beat LED4

• HP PageWide XL pigment ink for dark blacks, vivid color and moisture/fade resistance—evenon uncoated bond5

• Print on a wide range of media up to 40 inches/101.6 cm—covering ISO/US technical and offset standards


Low cost, dependable operation

• Low cost of operation in monochrome and color versus LED with long-life printheads, high ink efficiency

• Eliminate manual steps and simplify your workflow with a consolidated monochrome and color solution

• Rely on proven HP PageWide Technology for dependable, high-volume print production

• Help reduce downtime—innovative cloud-based support—self-monitoring, proactive alerts, automatic maintenance



Data sheet

HP PageWide XL 8000 Printer The fastest large-format printer ever, monochrome and color11 Printing at up to 30 D/A1 pages/minute, the HP PageWide XL 8000 Printer is faster than alternatives for large-format printing of technical documents, GIS maps, and point-of-sale (POS) posters under $200,000 USD as of March, 2015 including 36-inch wide LED printers (printing up 22 D/A1 pages/minute) and wide-format printers based on Memjet technology (printing up to 800 D/A1 pages/hour). Based on internal HP testing of the HP PageWide XL 8000 Printer in line drawing print mode on uncoated bond paper printing in D/A1 landscape. Conclusion based on an HP internal test measuring the time required to extract pages from a 50-page documentand print them using several printers compared with using equivalent software programs. Also, using a single printer for monochrome and color printing can enable manual collation of mixed sets in 50% of the time asvalidated by an internal HP test measuring the total time needed to prepare, print, and manually collate a 100-page document with 10 color pages. The production stacker and online folder are optional accessories.4 Based on HP internal testing with internal users and external customers, evaluating overall print quality and specific print attributes (gray neutrality, fill area uniformity, line quality, and text quality) for output producedwith HP PageWide XL printers and LED printers from different manufacturers and that represent greater than 50% of the annual shipments of LED printers in North America as of 2014 according to IDC.5 Based on HP internal testing. Evaluation of prints produced with HP PageWide XL printers and HP PageWide XL pigment ink shows equivalent or better results compared to prints produced with HP 970/971/980 inks thatare fade and moisture resistant per ISO 11798 Permanence and Durability Methods certification.6 ISO/US technical and offset standards include American ANSI and Architectural page size standards, ISO A technical document standard, and ISO B offset page size standard.7 Operational costs for the HP PageWide XL 8000 Printer are comparable to or lower than operational costs for printers based on LED technology under $100,000 USD for large-format printing of technical documents as ofMarch, 2015 including 36-inch wide LED printers (printing up 22 D/A1 pages/minute). Low operational costs in both monochrome and color driven by long-life printheads and high ink efficiency, as well as low maintenancerequirements. For all HP PageWide XL printers, a single monochrome and color device enables workflow simplification that saves time compared to separate monochrome LED and color devices.8 Proven HP PageWide Technology powers HP Inkjet Web Presses—currently producing 4 billion impressions annually—and HP X series business printers.


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