Tips and Tricks

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Multi-page PDF File Expansion Our Customer Support team receives several calls and emails every month related to multi-page PDF files that do not expand to show their component pages when added to a new job.  These are some... Read more Feb 13, 2012
PDF Creation Tips Software vendors such as Adobe, Autodesk and Bentley have made PDF creation fairly simple for document creators: one or two mouse clicks using the default settings.  However, the default... Read more Nov 2, 2011
Recommended Pen Macros When using PlotWorks with a monochrome printer, the pen macro specified for each image in the job will affect the characteristics of the images produced. The pen macro (more properly described as a... Read more Oct 27, 2011
Resampling To obtain optimal quality when scaling monochrome (black and white) TIFF images, use resampling. This is applicable whether you are printing or converting (Output to File). Here's a common scenario... Read more Apr 23, 2011
2-Up Printing PlotWorks supports nesting or tiling of two or more images on each sheet. The following solution describes, as an example, how to print 10 sets of 30 images that are each 30 inches x 42 inches at 50... Read more Apr 4, 2011