HP Designjet 4500


Unleash true productivity from the HP Designjet 4500 with PlotWorks Pro batch print workflow software.

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About the HP Designjet 4500

The HP Designjet 4500 Printer series has large, flexible input capacity, with two rolls to allow for different media types or sizes, as well as fast automatic roll switching and long roll support up to 575 ft/175 m. It also features large output capacity, with an optional stacker capable of flattening and stacking up to 200 plots.

• High-capacity HP 90 Black Ink Cartridge (775 ml) and 3-ink cartridge multipack. The HP Designjet 4500 Printer series provides greater convenience and fewer interruptions for environments that produce a high volume of line drawings. 3-ink cartridge multipacks and value packs for each color lower the overall printer costs.

• No need for trimming with small margin printing. Ready-to-use prints: The HP Designjet 4500 Printer series creates CAD prints with 0.2 in/5 mm margins so there's no need for trimming.

• Low support costs. Count on the world-renowned reliability of HP printers and printing supplies to reduce your support costs and increase uptime.

HP DesignJet Software for the expert user.



HP Large format Printer Models supported.

hp pagewide xl

hp pagewide xl 8000

hp pagewide xl 5000

hp pagewide xl 4500

hp pagewide xl 4000

hp designjet 4020

hp designjet 4000

hp designjet 4500

hp designjet 4520

hp designjet 5500

hp designjet t1100

hp designjet t2300

hp designjet t7100

hp designjet z6100

hp designjet 1055

hp designjet 500

hp designjet 5000

hp designjet t1120

hp designjet t620