HP Designjet 4000


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About the HP Designjet 4000

HP Designjet 4000 Printer series offers high-speed color and black-and-white printing up to 42 inches wide, complete with outstanding line accuracy, imagequality, and remote printer management.

Double your print capacity 

• HP Double Swath technology - twice the performance in color and black & white. With two long-life HP printheads for each color, get a wider print swath and a higher firing frequency that enables fast printing. Get 2 D/A1-size prints in color & black-and-white in less than 1 minute (2. The embedded processor delivers fast, simultaneous processing and printing up to 100D/A1-size prints per hour (3. Quickly incorporate last-minute changes to meet even your toughest deadlines.

• Fast, simultaneous processing and printing. Experience fast, simultaneous processing and printing thanks to the embedded processor. This robust series comes equipped with 256 MB of memory that can be expanded up to 512 MB for excellent performance on even your most complex jobs.

• Driverless multi-file printing. Save time with the driverless multi-file printing workflow, that is operating system independent and simply requires a TCP/IPconnection and a standard Web browser. Experience support for a widerange of formats, including TIFF, JPEG, CALS/G4, HP-RTL, and HP-GL/2,Adobe PostScript level 3 and PDF 1.5 (4 to help you quickly and accurately finish any job.
Superior lines and images

• High image quality and line accuracy up to 0.1 percent. Patented HP inksand sophisticated HP printhead technology support small drop sizes. With upto 2400x1200 dpi, and using HP supplies, get outstanding image quality with thin, continuous and accurate color lines, and excellent photos and renders with more details in shadows.

• HP Professional Color. Get excellent color consistency and screen-to-print matching with HP Professional Color technologies, including enhanced sRGB printing and AdobeRGB, Closed Loop Color (CLC), TIFF and JPEG withembedded ICC profiles, and enhanced graphic features in the PostScript unit.

• Flexible support for a wide range of media. Support from plain paper to a wide range of specialty media, including canvas and glossy, up to 42inches/1067mm wide. Giving you the versatility you need, this series accommodates rolls up to 300 ft/ 90 m, comes equipped with a standard bin that holds 50 E/A0-size prints, and has a manual sheet feed that supports sizes starting from B/A3-sized media. 
Remote printer management

• HP Embedded Web Server. Use HP Embedded Web Server to remotely manage printer, ink & media usage. Gain complete remote control over all consumables. Reset print job priorities at any stage to save time, get driverless multi-file submission to increase productivity, re-print stored jobs, preview print jobs to avoid surprises, view and save accounting information to monitor ink& media consumption, send service print screens to HP for quick troubleshooting, preview supplies & printer status, and get error notifications.

• HP Web Jetadmin software - provides easy printer administration. HP WebJetadmin plug-in for the HP Designjet 4000 Printer series gives networkmanagers a single support tool to install, configure, monitor, and troubleshoot a wide range of network-connected devices. Accessible from anystandard Web browser, this software offers an intuitive interface and providesoptimum convenience.

• HP Smart printing technology (5. HP Smart printing technology, in HPsupplies and in the printer, enables automatic alerts for timely cartridgereplacement. Remote diagnostics, job tracking and accounting help you tostay proactive and productive. Additionally, HP Smart printing technologyconfirms that genuine HP print cartridges have been installed correctly.

HP Double Swath Technology

Pairs of staggered printheads in the carriage double the print swath of the HP Designjet 4000 Printer series resulting in twice the performance of earlier Designjet models.The print swaths overlap each other with 24 nozzles. The nozzles printing in the same scan line(top and bottom printheads) are used together to eliminate swath-to-swath banding. With 1048nozzles per color, this printer fires an impr essive 36,000 drops per second per nozzle.The printer has been designed to make automatic print mode adjustments if necessary, thisensures consistent image quality print after print. In order to maintain media advance accuracy,at the increased printing speeds, improvements have been made to keep the media tension constant,regardless of the friction conditions.

Related technologies to HP Double Swath Technology, such as the new vacuum system with dualcontrol and high-precision media advance, ensure fast print speeds without compromising onimage quality and line accuracy.

1. Ink supplies of 225 and 400cc for CMY, 400cc for K.

2. Accommodates media rolls upto 300 ft/90 meters. It also hasa manual sheet feed that supports sizes starting from B-size/A3.

3. Front panel with user friendly animations.

4. Color consistency and screen-toprintmatching with HP Professional Color technologies.

5. Pairs of staggered print heads in the carriage mean the HP Designjet 4000 Printer series has double the print capacity of earlier models.

6. HP Embedded Web server for driverless file submission, queue management, preview, supplies and printer status and error notification.

7. HP Embedded Jetdirect Print Server 10/100BT + 2 IEEE1394(FireWire) ports.

8. Embedded processor for simultaneous printing and processing. 256 MB memory expandable to 512 MB and 40 GB hard disk.

9. Equipped with a standard bin that holds 50 E/A0-size prints.


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