HP Designjet T620


About the HP DesignJet T620

Do more in less time with the HP DesignJet T620—easy setup, easy sharing

Easily meet deadlines, even when they are unexpected. At up to 35 seconds per A1/D page, you can print CAD/GIS projects upto 3 times faster than with the HP Designjet 500 Printer.

Small teams can share this printer thanks to its built-in network card.

Handle prints right off the printer—fast-drying HP Vivera inks produce smudge-resistant prints.

Intelligent technology, built into Original HP supplies and the printer, provides time-saving features. Small details increase your power to communicate

Achieve rich, dark blacks and fine detailed lines with HP DesignJet T620 Vivera inks, including 2 HPVivera blacks and a gray ink in this 6-ink printing system.

Produce exacting detail with 0.02 mm(0.0008 in) minimum line width,(2 and highlyaccurate drawings with 0.1% line accuracy

Transform your everyday printing with 2 HP DesignJet T620 media innovations—new and improved HP bond papers with ColorPRO Technology and HP Recycled Bond Paper, made of 100% recycled base paper. Focus on your design with a reliable printer

Work with confidence knowing this printer has 2 GB of dedicated memory intended exclusively for faster processing of even themost complex files.

Experience greater operating system supportwith original HP-GL/2 and RTL.

Upgrade with peace of mind knowing you will be able to reproduce the color of your previous Designjet.



HP Large format Printer Models supported.

hp pagewide xl

hp pagewide xl 8000

hp pagewide xl 5000

hp pagewide xl 4500

hp pagewide xl 4000

hp designjet 4020

hp designjet 4000

hp designjet 4500

hp designjet 4520

hp designjet 5500

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hp designjet t2300

hp designjet t7100

hp designjet z6100

hp designjet 1055

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hp designjet t620