Tips and Tricks: Using the File Library to Speed Work

Better File Management

Many customers are using Job Center's File Library to:

  1. Organize Customer Orders: Whether customer files are uploaded to your FTP site or provided on a thumb drive, copy and attach them the order. Files are stored with the order in the automatically created folder in Job Center's File Library.
  2. Improve Production Productivity: Speed customer order fulfillment by eliminating the misplacement of customer files or using out-dated files. Production operators have all the information they need in a single place, including customer files related to the order.

Check out this brief 2 minute video to learn how to use the File Library to organize customer orders.

You'll Learn How to:

  • Open and View auto created order folder
  • Save customer files to the order folder
  • Access the files to fulfill order


Is Job Center right for you?

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