Tips and Tricks: Exceptional Quality of Scaled Images

Achieve Top Quality Scaled Images the First Time

Cushing - A PlotWorks Fan! Have you ever scanned in a set of drawings to make black & white TIFF images and then when you print them to 1/2 size they're too dark?

If you're like most, scaling full size images can result in poor quality half-size prints. Most often they're too dark and you can't make out the details.

Full size original
Scaled to 50 percent without resampling

Scaled to 50 percent with resampling






PlotWorks Resampling – Simple to Use and it Works

Resampling improves the quality of scaled black and white TIFF images. When scaling, set PlotWorks to resample and it will automatically:

  1. Divide the original image into very small subsections
  2. Convert each subsection to its grayscale equivalent
  3. Scale the grayscale image
  4. Dither the scaled grayscale image to black & white when printing to a monochrome device
Screen capture of the Job Editor's Detail Property Sheet

How To:

Set resampling during preflight by using the tilde (~) character in the Job Editor's Pen Macro column. Alternatively, you can set it on the Pen/Print Options tab on the Job Editor's Detail Property Sheet, under Rendering Options > Advanced > Resample All Monochrome TIFF.

Resampling applies only to black & white TIFF images and only if the scale factor is larger or smaller than the original size (100%).

If you have questions on resampling, please contact our customer support team. If you have questions on your PlotWorks account, please call 1-800-444-7568 x2 or email

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