Tips and Tricks: Setting up the Job Center File Library

Better File Management - Easier to Serve Customers

Customers are using Job Center's File Library to organize customer orders and reduce time spent searching through your file directory. Whether customer files are uploaded via eOrder, FTP site, or provided on a thumb drive, you can easily copy and attach them to the corresponding order. Files are stored in the automatically created folder in Job Center's File Library

This Tip and Trick walks you through the steps to set the location of the Job Center File Library and set the default folder structure for each new order.  

Configuration Instructions

1 Determine the server to locate the Job Center File Library database. Create a folder and share it so that everyone has read and write permissions. For example: \\SERVER\Job Center File Library
2 On the server hosting the Job Center database:
Start > Run > services.msc > and click OK.
[For Windows 7 - Click Start and type in services.msc in the search box and hit enter]
3 Locate and Right Click the OpCenter Service and select STOP. Job Center will not function while this service is stopped.

4 On the server hosting the Job Center database, navigate to C:\Program Files\PLP\OpCenter\Server\conf
[For Windows 7 64Bit - C:\Program Files (x86)\PLP\OpCenter\Server\conf]

5 Right click and select OPEN WITH Notepad or Wordpad

6 Change the line: content.path=something to the path for your Job Center File Library. For example, you would enter: content.path=\\\\SERVER\\Job Center File Library for a server located at \\SERVER\Job Center File Library
[Directly above this line in the file are instructions for formatting -- READ THESE CAREFULLY.]

7 Move the contents of the existing Job Center File Library to the new location by copying and pasting the files from the old data storage to the new file library folder.

8 Re-Start the OpCenter Server services.msc (see step 2). Right click the service and select START

9 Test Job Center to ensure it's working as expected
[Restart all Job Center Clients, if Job Center links aren't functioning as expected]


Configuring Custom Prototype Folders

Protype folders are a great method for forcing consistency and organization in your file storage. The .protoytpe folder under both Orders and Projects may be configured with default names and filled with important files you'd like associated with each new Order or Project created. For example, some customers like to have a sub-folder for original customer files as well as one for "as delivered."

To accomplish this, under\\SERVER\Job Center File Library\Orders\.prototype create two sub-folders. For example:

  • Originals from Customer
  • As Printed or As Delivered

Each time an order is entered, the corresponding File Library folder will be created with these two empty sub-folders inside. Anything you place in the .prototype folder will be copied (spreadsheets, word docs, text files, etc.).



Is Job Center right for you?

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