Océ TDS800 Pro Series


Unleash true productivity from the Océ TDS800 Pro Series with PlotWorks Pro batch print workflow software.

Even faster job preparation and print speed, find out how!

About the Océ TDS800 Pro Series

The Océ TDS800 Pro Series is is the most productive wide format printing system in the world. It’s productive in every detail. And available in over seven million configurations. So there’s always an Océ TDS800 ProSeries to match your workload, workflow and wallet. You can compose your Series by combining the Océ TDS860 printer, the Océ TDS800 scanner, the Océ TDS600 scanner, different finishing systems and software applications like PlotWorks Pro. Moreover, it’s a secure investment to help you build your future. It’s built to last and supported for seven years and up to 5 million square metres of production. Now everybody can print like a professional.  Constant high productivity is the sum of the details

What makes the Océ TDS800 Pro Series the most productive system in the world is the sum of the details: each one designed to add to the total productivity concept. For example media handling. Each drawer has its own cutter, avoiding time-consuming roll rewinding to feed the next print, so you can enjoy constant productivity. The Océ Power Logic Controller is truly concurrent, so you can always continue feeding the system with print, copy and scan jobs. Sets of 2400 A0 drawings can be reproducedhundreds of times flawlessly. Moreover, you have complete control over your workflow with advanced queue management for both copy and print jobs, including job interrupt functionality on both copy and print jobs.

Océ Copy Press technology for outstanding reliability and quality

The Océ TDS860 printer uses the innovative Océ Copy Press technology. This is the reliable alternative for conventional electro-photographic printing technology. For professional users, unmatched uptime and consistent quality are the most important characteristics of Océ Copy Press technology.The offset-like Direct Dot Positioning technology ensures100% efficient toner transfer onto the paper. The OcéTDS860 therefore has no need to use toner recycling to be100% efficient. Every dot of information is presented on paper exactly where it is intended, print after print afterprint.

Easy, time-saving everyday operation

With the Océ TDS860 printer you don’t have to change toner, you simply add it when it’s needed. Nor do you have to clean the image corona or LED print head as with conventional printers. The direct toner transfer technology means the image corona and LED print head stay clean.  Even copy and scan jobs with the most difficult originals aremade easy with Océ Image Logic® patented intelligent imageprocessing technology. Colour and grey information areconverted into 256 greyscales automatically in all seven original modes. And Océ Image Logic does not base its image conversions on the first few centimeters of the original, but optimises the quality across the complete original. So mixed originals, maps, aerial photos and offset materials can now be reproduced without trial and error.  The operator can customise the user interface of the scanner panel for full control over scanning, copying and finishing from one point of operation. Hundreds of other details are designed to keep professional users productive, constantly.

A secure investment for 7 years of guaranteed productivity

No other system offers such a secure investment as the OcéTDS800 Pro Series. With Océ, durability, support and upgradability are integral parts of the solution. The imaging technology is built in a sturdy steel frame that contributes to the weight of 939 kilograms. The system is built to last, and takes the proven durability of the Océ 9800 a significant step further.  Océ can guarantee and support your Océ TDS800 Pro Series for seven years of operation, up to a cumulative volume of 5 million square metres. This givesyou the assurance of constant productivity of the system overits lifetime.

Choose your printing speed and scanner

The Océ TDS800 Pro Series is available in over seven million configurations. You can compose your Series by combining the Océ TDS860 printer, the Océ TDS800 scanner, the OcéTDS600 scanner and different finishing systems. The base speed of 6 A0s per minute handles moderate volumes with the highest reliability and quality. The constant speed of 8 A0s per minute is ideal for higher volumes. Or forthe heaviest workloads, the Océ TDS860 printer meets tough deadlines at 10 A0s per minute.  You can also choose the right scanner. The productive Océ TDS800 scanner scans at 10 metres per minute with unmatched quality. Face-up original feeding reduces errorsand makes life easy for the operator. The Océ TDS600 isideal for smaller scanning and copying workloads, with aspeed of 5 metres per minute plus Océ’s patented ImageLogic intelligent image-processing technology.

Choose your media capacity and finishing

The same flexibility applies to media, with a choice of two,four or six rolls. You can use two rolls of the same media forlong print runs. Or you can use coloured paper as bannerpages or separation sheets or to distinguish revisions. Mediarolls of 200 metres enable a total capacity of 1200 metres of continuous printing.

There’s no bottleneck in finishing, with systems for foldedand unfolded output. The integrated folder offers different folding modes, as well as time-saving options for punching and hanging strips. Capacity can be extended by compact(100 A0) or 1 0r 2 extended (170 A0) belt units. Unfolded output is handled by the Océ Double Decker Pro two-bin, compact 1500-sheet stacker or by the Océ Copy DeliveryTray for smaller volumes.

Upgrade when your needs change

It’s difficult to predict your workflow needs for the coming seven years. That’s why the Océ TDS800 Pro Series has beendesigned for maximum flexibility. You can upgrade the printing speed from 6 A0s per minute to 8 A0 or even 10 A0s per minute if your printing volumes increase or your customers demand even faster delivery times in the future. You can also upgrade your media capacity from two rolls tofour or six rolls. This built-in upgradeability makes the OcéTDS800 Pro Series a safe investment in constant productivityfor many years of intensive use. The system meets the highest demands, today and tomorrow. That’s why it’s the logical choice for printing professionals.