Oce TDS800


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About the Oce TDS800 system

At the heart of the Oce TDS800 are the proprietary Oce Copy Press and Oce Image Logic® technologies. They provide the basis for the system’s total productivity concept of quality, reliability, ease of use and throughput. These state-of-the-art technologies are Oce’s answer to the shortcomings of the conventional electro-photographic principle. Paper jams are virtually eliminated, ozone emissions are close to zero, and print and copy quality is taken to a new level. The result is crisp line drawings with smooth, solid fills, clear reproduction of colour originals,smoothly rasterised documents without moire artefacts anddistortion-free photo enlargements. In other words, productivity and quality you can count on: everydocument, every day. 

Oce Image Logic is Oce’s unique intelligent image-processing technology for easy-to-use ‘green button’ copying and scanning. It enables any original to be copied or scanned to file at optimum quality, right first time. This simple greenbutton approach saves valuable time and ensures that all information is reproduced correctly, without wasting media by trial and error. 

Green button copying and scanning

Oce Image Logic automatically enhances scanned data using three key digital technologies to ensure outstanding copies, first time every time:

• Automatic Background Compensation suppresses undesired backgrounds, producing clean copies even from old and dirty originals.

• Advanced filtering enhances weak lines and balanceshalftones. Weak information such as pencil lines isdistinguished from ‘background noise’ and digitally enhanced. Shaded areas are also identified, and smoothed and softened by the filtering process without loss of information.

• Error diffusion converts the 256 grey scales into a black &white image, ensuring solid fills, faithfully reproduced lines and perfect halftones, and reproducing screened originals without disturbing moire patterns. With these advanced capabilities, Oce Image Logic is the leading technology for productive ‘green button’ copying and scanning. Every document is scanned perfectly every time,forming the basis for consistently high-quality copying andreliable archiving with maximum information retention. Handling special originals

The Oce TDS800’s 400x400 dpi scanner enables the operatorto select directly from different types of special originals:

• Lines and text: default mode for technical documents

• Photo: optimal grey scale translation and reproduction foran even, smooth impression

• Greys and lines: fine information is retained while area fillsare smoothed into soft images and distinct areas; ideal for example for reproducing maps

• Printed matter: fine grids in illustrations and photographson printed matter are reproduced without disturbing moire artefacts

• Dark originals: line and text information in dark and low contrast originals such as diazo intermediates is enhancedand reproduced clearly

• Blueprints: in this mode the image is inverted; black isprinted as white and white is printed as black, whichsignificantly enhances legibility

Oce Copy Press technology ensures consistently high printing quality,even after hundreds of thousands of prints. It replaces the conventional electrophotographictechnology, which has long been a barrier to improvement of printquality and reliability. An offset-like principle takes the print image to the paper,and not the other way round. In the Oce TDS800 the proven quality of thistechnology goes one step further. Improvements in the toner unit ensure solidblack areas are printed consistently over time. The result is uniform, intense solidareas, well differentiated grey scales and high sharpness of even the finest lines.Quality is further enhanced by the ultra-fine, carrier-free monocomponent toner. 

Six components of unique Oce Copy Presstechnology

1. Organic photoconductor (OPC drum)The heart of the Copy Press system is Oce's unique organicphotoconductor (OPC), an extremely light-sensitive anddurable OPC drum which guarantees high quality.

2. Corona unitAs it revolves, the OPC drum is charged by a pin-arraycorona unit. Its ozone emission has been brought down toclose to zero. Resistant to pollution, it ensures a virtuallyconstant charge level over time.

3. LED printheadAn LED (Light Emitting Diode) printhead projects theimage onto the OPC drum, producing a very sharp andaccurate latent image, even of single pixel lines.

4. Direct toner transferThe latent image is developed by direct transfer of Oce'sunique monocomponent toner. This results in extremelyprecise transfer and eliminates waste toner. Moreover, flyingtoner particles are virtually eliminated, adding to a healthyworking environment.

5. Compact transfer fuse unit (CTF)Oce's compact toner transfer unit (CTF) conveys the tonerimage from the OPC onto the paper, closely resembling offsetprinting. This process prevents contact between the mediaand the photoconductor, eliminating the risk of damage tothe photoconductor. Direct application of the toner via the CTF unit ensures 100 percent toner transfer, further contributing to image quality and minimising the risk oftoner pollution.

6. Simple paper path along pre-heater Since the print image is brought to the paper and not theother way round, the paper path is simple and reliable -- so simple that jams are virtually eliminated. The paper ispre-warmed, allowing low fusing temperatures and preventingthe media from warping or wrinkling.