Oce TDS400


Unleash true productivity from the Oce TDS400 with PlotWorks Professional batch print workflow software.

About Oce TDS400

A common element present in all technical environments ispressure—pressure to be innovative, pressure to succeed, pressure to meet deadlines. Whether you operate a multinationalmanufacturing company or a five-person architectural firm, the pressure is on to produce increasingly faster. The time-consuming process of producing technical documentsis slowing you down. In the past, this production had to occur in a central environment, either internal or external, adding unwanted time and cost. But now, there is a solution—one that meets your business’ productivity, quality, and cost-efficiency requirements whilea dding flexibility in your work environment. It’s theOce TDS400 multifunctional, wide format printer, scanner,and copier—a breakthrough in document handling for workgroups. 

Handle diverse document requirements

Technical documents today come in many forms and formats: hard copy and digital; raster and vector; HPGL/2 and PDF. TheOce TDS400 gives you the means to handle them, quickly andefficiently. With its multifunctional configuration, the systemprovides printing, copying, and scan-to-file at the scanner.  

Meet your tightest deadlinesThe Oce TDS400 is designed for the most challenging environments. Its decentralized document production can reliably accommodate multiple users and tasks effortlessly, which helps improve your efficiency. Employees can produce check plots, quick scans, and even complex distribution sets near their desktopworkstations, allowing for more design creativity and efficiency.Multiple users can print and scan simultaneously, saving preciousproduction time. The Oce TDS400 allows two-E-size prints-a-minute throughput, no matter the workload or file complexity.

Integrate into the way you work

Document production should complement a work environment, not control it. The Oce TDS400 is designed to fit easily withyour work processes and software. Its environmentally conscious design minimizes noise, heat, and emissions. Its open architecture system is designed to fit well with your IT infrastructure.