Oce TDS320


Unleash true productivity from the Oce TDS320 with PlotWorks Pro batch print workflow software.

Optimise production preparation & print speed.


About Oce TDS320

Whether you work for a small technical company or a workgroup in a larger organisation, the basic requirement is simple: you need to be productive. Your productivity relies on an effortless workflow. This requires a multifunctional system that is available when you need it, does what you want it to, and does not bother you. Good news. The OceTDS320 is that system. This affordable wide format solution supports your natural workflow and offers the true reliability you need.

An effortless workflow is the sum of details The Oce TDS320 offers two online rolls and an auto rotatefunction which enable it to handle every wide format size. Automatic roll switching ensures uninterrupted printing. The unique Oce Radiant Fusing Technology eliminates warming-up time, so there's no waiting for your prints. High-performance print drivers make sending prints fast and simple. The Compact Output Stacker neatly organises the printer output. And the separate scanner allows you to collect your prints, while your colleague scans or copies. All these details add up to an effortless workflow.

High quality that's effortlessly easyFine details, sharp lines, smooth curves and high level greyscales all result from the 600 dpi printer combined with the unique Oce Radiant Fusing technology. Oce Image Logic®technology automatically enhances image quality. So copies are right the first time, and scans are exactly as you want them, simply by pressing the green button. The SingleCamera - Single Mirror technology ensures consistent image quality across the entire scan area.  In short, the Oce TDS320 delivers the excellent quality that's essential for an effortless workflow.