Oce TCS400


Unleash true productivity from Oce TCS400 with PlotWorks Pro batch print workflow software.

Even faster job preparation and print speed, find out how!

Oce TCS400

Print wide format in color. It’s easy.
The Oce TCS400 print engine was designed to make wideformat color printing as easy as black and white.Simple multi-roll media handling makes it possible to havedifferent media types and sizes ready for printing, which savestime on trimming. Operator interaction has been minimized.If action is required, it’s self-explanatory. Clear wizards guide you through printhead changes or print quality optimization.And the easy-to-use operator panel can be turned to any positionfor maximum visibility.

Copy wide format in color. 

It’s easy.The Oce TCS400 brings true green button copying to wideformat color. No color management skills are needed to makea good copy as Oce Image Logic®technology optimizes outputfor line definition, text readability and background detail.Automatic width detection, automatic roll selection anddeskewing make life even easier. And because no previewingis needed, everything can be managed from the scan unit’soperator panel just as on Oce black and white systems. Usersimmediately feel at home with the system so making a colorcopy only takes a few seconds of their valuable time.