Oce ColorWave 500


Unleash true productivity from the Oce ColorWave 500 with PlotWorks Pro batch print workflow software.

even faster job preparation and print speed, find out how!

About the Oce ColorWave 500

Oce ColorWave 500 Printing System Productive all-in-one large format system—monochrome and color

• One printer for all your monochrome and color needs

• effortless operation

• Superior finishing options

• Sustainable and ecofriendly system

The most productive all-in-one largeformat system—monochrome and colorPush the boundaries of your large format printing withthe Oce ColorWave 500 printing system, a monochrome and color printer, scanner, and copier in one convenient single footprint.

Gain a competitive edge with distinctive high-quality drawings and presentations without the need for expensive coated paper. Save on space, supplies, and maintenance by using one system for both color and monochrome work.

With its intuitive design, the Oce ColorWave 500 printer is one of the easiest to use walk-up printers. Like other members of the Oce large format family, this printer works just like a tablet thanks to the Oce Clear Connect user interface.

That means your staff will intuitively know how to use it when they see it forthe first time. And true to its name, Oce ClearConnect technology makes the right connections to get the job done. Print on the way to your next meeting or from a job site.

Keep work moving even when you can’t get tothe printer. One printer for all your monochrome and color needs

The Oce ColorWave 500 printer has all the advantages ofour proven award-winning Oce CrystalPoint® technologyin one compact system.

Ideal for both small workgroups squeezed for space or central operations that want to add a productive large format system. Built for speed,you can print, copy, and scan at the same time—without sacrificing productivity or quality.

easily process large and complex files with the Oce ColorWave 500 printer.You can handle monochrome and color—CAD, GIS,and full-color graphics on different kinds of uncoated media such as recycled paper as well as Tyvek for tear resistant prints.

Produce up to 225 D–size monochrome and color printsper hour—to meet a rush deadline without breaking a sweat. This system can hold up to four media rolls andprints come out dry, cut-to-size, and ready to use. With the optional integrated folder, different folded packages can be prepared and printed right from your desktop.

The Oce patented Oce CrystalPoint technology ensures robust, waterfast prints with sharp lines, high readability of fine details, and smooth, even area fills. The highqualityprints are consistent over time on different machines and have a unique silk-shine look and feel, independent of the type of media you use.

effortless Operation Help your staff spend more time on what’s important andless time handling documents with the Oce ColorWave 500 system—one of the fastest and easiest printers you willfind.

Our Automatic Print Assistant automatically selects the print mode, image position, and best fit media roll tosave time. Print on up to four rolls of media to produce large volumes and sets without interruption. Sets areneatly stacked on top, ready-to-go.

The Oce Clear Connect touchscreen works like a tablet so there is little to no learning curve. The simple layout, intuitive design, and detailed preview functions helpusers get their prints faster, without errors, even whenthey are stored in the cloud or have just arrived in anemail on their mobile phone. Users can even organizeprints in their Personal Smart Inbox to save time.

The Oce ClearConnect software suite also gives you more flexible and effortless ways to submit and manage files. Print from your desktop via Oce Publisher Select™software to manage complex document sets. You can evenprint from the cloud, your smartphone or tablet when you are rushing to a meeting. Knowing you can print when youneed to, takes some of the stress out of the work day.
Sustainable and ecofriendly systemWhen you work side-by-side with your printer, youwant to know that it’s people and planet friendly.

TheOce ColorWave 500 printer is designed to create a healthyworking environment. The unique Oce TonerPearls® tonerensure that there's no fine dust, no odor, and minimal waste disposal. It can print on recycled and carbon neutral media and has certified de-inking properties.

The Oce ColorWave 500 system is based on proven Oce technology found in thousands of systems worldwide. Constructed of durable and solid parts,you get dependable uptime with fewer jams, shorter downtime, and fewer service calls.

This system is designed to make it easier to prepare, produce, and manage complex files ranging from AEC and CAD all the way to large graphic files. Advanced tools make it easy to get documents when and where you need them.


Save on space, supplies, and maintenance by using one system for both color and monochrome work. With its intuitive design, this engine is one of the easiest to use inthe industry today.


The Oce ClearConnect panel works like a tablet. easily control the printer with your fingertips using simple and familiar screen movements. Swipe, spread, and zoom in on details. Check that documents are correctly positioned using the live preview to avoid errors.


Oce Color Image Logic technology automatically compensates for wrinkles and light colors to produce superior results. Originals are inserted face-up and paper width is detected automatically.


Get neatly collated and stacked documents of up to75 e-sized prints on the top delivery tray. Sets are neatly stacked on top, ready to go.


Oce patented Oce CrystalPoint technology ensures robust, waterfast prints with sharp lines, high readability of fine details and smooth area fills. High quality,consistent prints have a unique silk-shine look and feel, independent of the media used.


With Oce CrystalPoint technology, you have the ability to print on recycled medias with high-quality results. The unit emits no ozone, dust or odor. The system is constructed of durable and solid parts and designed to be recycled and re-used.