Oce 9800


Unleash true productivity from the Oce 9800 with PlotWorks Professional batch print workflow software.

About the Oce 9800

Launched way back in 1997 the Oce 9800 literally changed the way high volume large format production printing was done worldwide.

Driven by PlotWorks many Oce 9800's are still highly productive to this day.

The Oce 9800 printer is highly productive with its 33 ft. per minute printing speed and four 650 ft. rolls of on-line media. Its fully automated operation allows unattended printing. Labor costs can be reduced by as much as 620% compared to traditional analog printing methods.


Designed and built by Oce

Oce is the sole-source designer and manufacturer of the Oce 9800 digital multifunction printing system. That means you are assured of a quality product that is built in Oce's registered ISO 9000 manufacturing facility. Technical support is provided and supported by factory-trained service and systems analyst organizations that are also ISO 9000 certified.


High throughput speed handles peak workloads

The Oce 9800 produces eight E-size documents per minute--the first one in just 20 seconds after scanning. This throughput speed has unmatched vector and raster prOce ssing speed in the controller, which enables the engine to run at the full rated running speed.

High quality output

Oce Copy Press imaging technology provides uniform solids, ultra-high sharpness and superb halftones. Plus, the short paper path virtually eliminates jams and misfeeds, even in very high volume printing environments.

Scan once, print many

You can print all the copies you need by scanning your originals once and storing them in memory. The Oce 9800's digital set prOce ssing makes even the most complex copying tasks simple. Just define the document sets (quantity, zoom, media, etc.) at the scanner console, and scan them once. Then, Oce Image Logic™ technology automatically optimizes copy quality, ensuring that every copy is right the first time.

Scan-to-file converts hard copies into digital files

Oce's high quality scan-to-file feature is today's most efficient way to convert hard copies, including space-consuming ones, into secure and easily accessible digital files.

Easy document editing

The Oce 9800's scanner has powerful zoom functions that handle enlargements and reductions from 25 to 400 percent. Editing functions include image shift and mirroring, as well as adjustable leading and trailing-edge compensation.

Automatic language sensing

The interpreter automatically determines these settings: page size, orientation and origin. A Windows driver simplifies printing from all Windows applications.

On-line access to media

With a four-roll paper feed and ability to handle up to 650-foot long rolls, the Oce 9800 provides on-line access to a wide range of media and formats. No manual loading. No delay. Up to 2,600 feet of the media you need are instantly available.

Easy operation

Offering the familiar feel of a copier, the Oce 9800 provides easy access to most of the basic functions with a single button. For complex functions or difficult originals, the LCD screen and soft keys are your guide