Case Study: RevLine Identifies $1.4 Million in Changes

Customer Problem

A reprographics firm in the Midwest was working with a large General Contractor (GC) that had a problem.

The GC received a new conform/contract set via CDROM with 750+ drawings that had a series of major changes. The architect had clouded the changes, but the GC could not afford to rely on just the clouds and had to be sure they knew of all changes between the conformed set and the original bid set.

The GC estimated a labor cost of $70,000 to thoroughly compare the sets to identify changes. However, they were up against a deadline and would have to "ballpark" the costs and impact of all of the changes.

RevLine Job

The reprographics firm was able to create RevLine files for the entire set. [Note that RevLine documents are comparison files created with PLP software that use color to show all changes between two versions of the same document or set of documents.]´╗┐ They provided the GC with PDF files and half-size color prints for 720 sheets (each sheet was original content created with RevLine software).


  • The reprographics firm provided the customer 720 color prints and PDF files (color content from RevLine)
  • The GC avoided a ballpark estimate and had a high confidence level in the scope of the changes´╗┐
  • The GC identified $1.4 million in changes, and provided a detailed cost summary and justification to the owner for the entire amount
  • The owner accepted the additional costs and found the detailed justification and RevLine documents to be valuable
  • Subcontractors on the project came to the reprographics firm for additional color printing (printing of the RevLine documents)
  • Other subcontractors have used RevLine for other projects

Ultimately, the reprographics firm solved a real problem and saved the GC hundreds of man hours of tedious and costly review. The GC and the owner both received value from the process and the GC has expressed they will continue to use RevLine as the construction project progresses.