Save Thousands of Dollars with Competitive Upgrade for Repro Desk

Important Decision AheadAn important decision lies ahead if you are using Repro Desk version 4.3 or 1.6. These products have been discontinued and are no longer being maintained or developed. This has several implications:

  • Your existing software is obsolete
  • If you are replacing a 9800 with a TDS series printer, Repro Desk 4.3/1.6 is not an option
  • Existing software defects (bugs) will not be fixed
  • There will no further enhancements or new features

Customers who have analyzed the available upgrade paths to either Repro Desk Select or Repro Desk Professional have found:

  1. The upgrade is expensive due to server requirements.  Estimates ranged from $5,000 to $8,000 for the hardware, operating system, database software, backup software, etc.
  2. The workflow is significantly different (described as "cumbersome" by several customers) when compared to Repro Desk 4.3/1.6.
  3. Neither Repro Desk Select nor Repro Desk Professional adequately address PDF processing issues such as speed and image quality.
  4. Switching to PlotWorks Pro is the best option.

PLP is offering a competitive upgrade from Repro Desk to PlotWorks Pro through September 30, 2011.  You will have to make a change a some point in the future.   Make the change now to save thousands of dollars with this time-limited offer.

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